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Summary14695: Visualisation of filters

If you have large questionnaires and many filters, filter management is very challenging and often the cause of serious questionnaire errors and missing data.
A visualisation of the filters in some kind of "tree", "mind map" or "algorithm" would be very useful to avoid these problems with wrong or missing filters.
In the optimal case, this visualization is dynamic and you can show and hide different areas, or zoom in and out.

Currently, we create such diagrams manually (see file attachment) and use them to discuss the filter management and questionnaire development and also to troubleshoot the filter. Unfortunately, the manual creation of such diagrams is buggie, so such an automatic function would be extremely helpful.

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Here you can find some nice visualisation examples:

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From my point of view visualizing the conditions would be pretty nice but a nightmare to develop because of the theoretic complexity that can be involved.

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