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14668Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2019-11-15 09:51
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Summary14668: Missing option to include your own logo at queXML export

While exporting the statistics to PDF now supports having your own logo (see, the queXML report is missing a feature of being able to add your own logo.

As discussed at the DEV meeting a while ago we will work on that and provide a patch for Limesurvey 4 which works similar to adding your logo to the statistics PDF:

  • If a custom logo_quexml.jpg exists at the admin theme, use that one
  • If no custom theme is used, use the default logo_quexml.jpg file from the shipped admin theme. For this we will simply copy and rename the already existing logo_statistics.jpg file.
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related to 14669 closedMazi Feature requests Missing option to include your own logo at PDF response export 
child of 14232 closedMazi Bug reports Missing logo file when exporting statistics to PDF 

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2019-09-19 12:03

updater   ~53657

Feature will be added to Limesurvey 4:

@cdorin, please mark this one as done once the pull request was accepted.



2019-11-15 09:51

administrator   ~54617

Fixed in Release 4.0.0-RC7+191111

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