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Summary14658: Release channels for updates
DescriptionOffering only one release channel will hurt the customer experience and will not motivate to update more ofen.
The mantra "get latest" is not a viable option for running a production site.
If users try to promote LimeSurvey inside their organisation the admin might be a different person, which will rely on a production release via comfortupdate.

Let's take a look at Nextcloud:

This channel delivers the latest fully tested release of Nextcloud.
That does not imply that these releases are bug free. The issues are known and can be worked around. The downside of this channel is that the releases are behind in terms of features and performance. Older archives are available from our changelog page.

This channel delivers the latest feature releases ready for most users at minimal risk.
Note that Nextcloud does staged rollouts, making releases incrementally available to the user base over time. You can get the latest stable version from our installation page.

Betas and release candidates are the versions of choice for testers in preparation for an Nextcloud release. They provide a short-term-stable point to report bugs against. Grab these to make sure the upcoming release works well on your infrastructure. Automatically generated snapshot tarballs and betas track daily Nextcloud development. These are suitable to check if bugs are fixed but can break any time.

Daily builds are meant to reproduce bugs as well as to enable testers to follow the development of the next major version
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2020-05-19 15:43

administrator   ~57933

Weekly, latest release and LTS, I can imagine for LS.


2020-05-19 15:45

developer   ~57934

new :)


2020-05-19 15:46

developer   ~57935


Weekly and latest are same ? Now ?

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