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14654Bug reports[All Projects] _ Unknownpublic2019-03-15 19:10
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Product Version3.16.x 
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Summary14654: See Issue 13404

See Issue 13404.

Wondering why this has not been fixed in the stable branch?

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Generate a pdf stats report.

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" I will donate to the project if the issue is resolved?
^ What kind of hanky-panky is this? In 30 years of open source I have never seen this.

If I found a fix myself, I might have provided it. But holding bugs hostage for payola is so not cool man. I'm almost ready to abandon the product and never come back, that is such absolutely horrifyingly bad conduct and policy.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.16.1+190314
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-Versionmariadb 5.5.60-1.el7_5
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Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.1




2019-03-15 18:31

developer   ~51011

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I'm almost ready to abandon the product and never come back, that is such absolutely horrifyingly bad conduct and policy.

But please : don't come back …
PS : i'm not a LimeSurvey GMBH member, then no money for me when you give donation.



2019-03-15 18:35

reporter   ~51012

If I found a fix myself, I might have provided it.



2019-03-15 18:44

reporter   ~51015

Ya. I'm out.

If this unprofessional behaviour is any indication of code quality I want nothing to do with this product.

This is not how you make a sale. I will now never, ever buy a product from this company.

And you know what? Until I saw this today I was considering it!

You have no idea who you just lost.



2019-03-15 18:52

manager   ~51016

Hey @publicusername, thanks for your input.

If you have any recommendation for us/what we should do in order to provide a better user experience, please let us know. To raise awareness about a bug, we need more people to signal it and then the devs will for sure take a closer look at it.

Please note (as you can also see in the bugs tracker), that our resources are limited. Thankfully, contributors like @DenisChenu and many others help us continuously improve LimeSurvey (plus forum help, manual edits, and so on). Of course, it isn't bug-free and we never claimed that it is. However, the community plays an important role and we always welcome its inputs. If sometimes it seems that we do not listen, it is not because we do not care/ignore the recommendations, but because (as mentioned above), the resources are limited (please note that we also provide SaaS support which takes some time).



2019-03-15 18:57

manager   ~51017

I saw only now your second message.

I am sorry to hear this. Please note that even if you do not like the company, you can freely use LimeSurvey given its open-source nature. We will be always happy to see users using it all over the world for different projects. I hope that the policy of LimeSurvey GmbH will not stop you from using LimeSurvey and from joining our bugs and forum community.



2019-03-15 19:10

developer   ~51018

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If I found a fix myself, I might have provided it.

Like we say in French (in a lot of LUG) : «c'est celui qui fait qui décide», translated like «it's the one who makes who decides»

Don't talk : do … if you are a really big people on open source : you know we only trust actions …

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