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Summary14623: Let PHP session write to RAM to increase performance

This is more related to server configuration than LimeSurvey, but I think this is the best place to discuss it and experiment.

PHP by default writes sessions to the /tmp folder. This folder can be configured to be saved in RAM instead of HD. It would be interesting to test if there's a speed-up using this setting, and how much.

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2019-03-12 09:07

developer   ~50912

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But : it's a server issue not a limesurvey issue ? (usage of tmpfs)

Alternative :

I think a cool solution can be a SQLite DB in tmpfs, never tested ;)

PS : session for LimeSurvey can be really big (sometimes more than 1Mb for public survey) : then with memory + X000 000 answers at same time : you broke memory …



2019-03-12 10:26

administrator   ~50914

Yeah, server issue, but very related to LimeSurvey. :) I thought maybe we could test some day, and then put the result in this ticket.

Also, yes, if you're out of memory it will start to use virtual memory = as slow as HD.

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