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14606Feature requests[All Projects] Otherpublic2019-04-05 12:54
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Summary14606: Official Docker Image


I'd like to discuss the possibility of an official Docker Image. There are several Images already in the DockerHub by various people, and I think an official Image with blessing from the developers would be a benefit for the community.

I've already been working on something that meets a lot of the "Official Images" criteria. So with a little work and some feedback from the DockerHub maintainers it should be doable.


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2019-03-05 18:16

reporter   ~50785

Sorry, just got word that there is already a discussion on Github

Feel free to close this one.



2019-03-06 09:15

developer   ~50787

No it's great :)



2019-03-06 14:21

reporter   ~50794

As you can see in my repo, I already got a Dockerfile for php-apache and php-fpm (also in Alpine). I tried to adhere to the Docker Offifial Image guidlines:

So readability and cacheability should be fine. It also includes a sha256 checksum for the tarball from GitHub.

And the takes care of configuring the application, as well as upgrading the database... but I'm sure that it be improved.



2019-04-05 12:54

reporter   ~51380

Jello, any updates on this?

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