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14603Feature requests[All Projects] Theme editorpublic2019-03-14 18:33
ReporterDenisChenuAssigned Todominikvitt 
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.0dev 
Summary14603: Add a way to add array of options in config.xml (or elsewhere)

See : this is related to theme (specific theme) not to core.
See for another way to do it (i just need it , then i find a way ;) )

This 2 part muts be moved to a clean config.xml solution

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2019-03-05 15:13

developer   ~50776

Alt solution : Maybe : options can be imported from a twig view in theme ?



2019-03-14 11:06

developer   ~50973

Would additional attributes (like "base", "button", "awesome" and "button_awesome"), or any other attributes defined in attributes array, be used only on theme option page for dropdowns?

Or does it have some additional purpose? If so, where would those attribute be used?



2019-03-14 11:28

developer   ~50979

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Currently : i use for a dropdown (with categories) in twig options. The value is for aSurvey.options (template option).

I think we can have (in future maybe) some other HTML : radio button value->label , maybe input:number min/max or other htmlOptions ?

Maybe somthing in engine :

An idea :

                <seekers label="Attention Seekers">
                        <flash label="Flash">
                        <pulse label="Pulse">
                        <rubberBand label="rubberBand">

Then : in options.twig : cab be readed via oTemplate.engine.options.animated ?

inherited by defaut (engine are not moved to the new config.xml) but an template editor can update it ?



2019-03-14 18:33

developer   ~50992

This feature is implemented.

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