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Summary14579: Export to queXML doesn't show whole answer
DescriptionQuestion-Type: multiple short texts

Printout as quexml pdf shows answers with only 10 small boxes, rest of answer is hidden.
How can I adjust this to show whole answer ?

Target is to get a printout, which can be given away and does not have a technical layout such as export to .pdf / .docx etc. quexml.pdf was the best solution I found, so far.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.15.19
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related to 14041 feedback Short text answers in QueXML pdf from Print Answers mode are fixed length of 10 characters 




2019-02-28 09:48


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2019-03-07 16:57

manager   ~50822

Hello @Rachengold.

For this kind of issue, I recommend you to open a post on the forum since it is a printanswer configuration issue.

Could you please attach also an working example there and here?


2019-04-09 09:45

developer   ~51425

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@cdorin : no configuration here, it's a core issue

Reproduce : import included lsa, launch, next, next , print answer export as QueXML

Seems PDF file is too big ?



2019-04-09 09:47

developer   ~51426

@adamzammit : can you have a look ?


2019-04-12 08:28

developer   ~51444


The default type for multiple short text in equivalent queXML is "text" with width 10.

If you would like to adjust this - please see this file:


around line 1642:

                    case "Q": //MULTIPLE SHORT TEXT
                        quexml_create_subQuestions($question, $qid, $sgq, $iResponseID, $fieldmap);
                        $response->appendChild(QueXMLCreateFree("text", quexml_get_lengthth($qid, "maximum_chars", "10"), ""));

replace the line $response->appendChild... with:

                    $response->appendChild(QueXMLCreateFree("longtext", quexml_get_lengthth($qid, "maximum_chars", "10"), ""));

to change the box type to "longtext"


                    $response->appendChild(QueXMLCreateFree("text", quexml_get_lengthth($qid, "maximum_chars", "24"), ""));

to extend the number of characters available to view.

You may need to edit both values and test to see how it turns out for you.


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