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14565Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2019-02-25 07:41
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Summary14565: Allow all CPDB users access a survey


I would love to make a survey accessable for all users which are in the CPDB. Even if the CPDB gets updated, the new users should also be able to access this survey. Like a button in the participants settings: Accessable for all CPDB users

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2019-02-22 17:08

developer   ~50675

Need a "my page"/"my account" for CPDB user, no ?
I already thinking of something like :

CPDB user login
See his page with : all survey already completed, survey to be completed etc …

But a lot of work



2019-02-25 07:41

reporter   ~50686

The "my page"/"my account" could be the second step.

I thought about giving every user in the CPDB an own token (like an employee number). This will be mapped as access token for a survey. This works completly fine, but new members of the CPDB can't access the survey. So I have to add them daily or weekly to the surveys. If there would be an option to manage that all users of the CPDB can access this survey, that would be awesome.

But I really like your idea :)

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