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14530Bug reports[All Projects] Otherpublic2019-02-16 00:47
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Summary14530: Pop-up store password on firefox when I click on some buttons

A pop-up is displayed by firefox to store my password for limesurvey whenever I access my global configuration and I click on:

  • Save
  • Save and close
  • Calculate storage

I was also able to reproduce it in 2.73

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2019-02-15 15:32

partner   ~50573

What Firefox version running on what OS?



2019-02-15 16:05

manager   ~50574

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Sorry for not providing all the details. Thought it applies to all the firefox installations.

My installation:

  • Firefox 65.0
  • Ubuntu 18.04


2019-02-15 16:40

developer   ~50576

Yes, 2.6lts too … due to smtp and imap password …
very hard to fix …



2019-02-15 17:25

manager   ~50580

Don t find it urgent since not that many users access the global configuration (at least according to the bugs tracker + forum posts). I will just mark it as confirmed with low priority.



2019-02-15 17:37

partner   ~50581

Why should it apply to all Firefox installations (versions)? Seems to be a better sensing / feature of the browser. Firefox 67 will offer an improved new password manager. Perhaps 65 already contain some changes.

LimeSurvey might can rearrange the forms with password, to prevent too many trigger.



2019-02-16 00:47

developer   ~50582

«LimeSurvey might can rearrange the forms with password, to prevent too many trigger.» Already try with clean HTML

Except with a lot of worakround JS : no real solution.

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