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14512Bug reports[All Projects] Survey designpublic2019-03-06 14:56
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Summary14512: My survey stopped being able to preview

I am working on a survey for academic purposes and my survey and elements (question groups and questions) were able to preview until just a moment ago. I thought this was strange as I didn't change any settings in the meantime. Now when I try to preview my survey, question groups or questions, I am directed to a Error 101 webpage that says "You dont have permission to access this site" and "You must log in to access". This also is unnerving because I am the sole owner and administrator of the survey, and I was logged in. In fact, the Error 101 page directs me to contact myself: "Please contact [my name]". I hope that you can find out a way to solve this.



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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Oniline version (used on 10/02/2019)
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2019-02-10 11:29

developer   ~50484

Oniline version (used on 10/02/2019) : you mean



2019-02-11 13:35

manager   ~50495

@tom_kozlowski. I cannot reproduce it on my LimeSurvey Pro installation, nor on my github installation. Please follow the above advice and open a ticket on - log in with your credentials and open a support ticket. We can take a look together at your issue. Please mention all the details -> maybe you could also send us your survey and see how we can replicate your issue.



2019-03-06 14:56

manager   ~50795

No feedback provided - closed

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