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14503Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2019-04-30 09:10
Reporterritapas Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
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Fixed in Version3.15.x 
Summary14503: Save button in "Copy survey" panel does not do anything

If you press the "Save" button on top right after having selected a survey to copy and the new title, the fields are blanked out and no survey is created.
I know the right way to copy a survey is by pressing the "Copy survey" in the bottom part of the panel but the interface is confusing.

Additional Information

The "Create survey" panel, on the other hand, has no bottom button but only the "Save" button on top right,
Our version is 3.15.5+181115

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related to 13874 assignedmarkusfluer Save button non-functional on Import, Copy Survey tabs 




2019-02-08 11:16


LS_CopySurvey.PNG (42,145 bytes)   
LS_CopySurvey.PNG (42,145 bytes)   


2019-02-09 17:08

developer   ~50482

This not don't do anything … it worse : it delete all value and come back to page …

And when you try to copy a survey in 100 survey's list …



2019-02-11 12:46

partner   ~50491

Denis: What values? (Quote: "it delete all value and come back to page" )?



2019-02-11 13:29

manager   ~50494

Regardless of what the save and close button do, those two buttons should not be located there since the user needs to click on the Copy survey button.

@markusfluer, I think this one is for you.



2019-02-11 13:47

partner   ~50497

@cdorin: That is correct, but the case since years ;-)
When I read values I thought the survey, which is selected would lost values.
But values seems to mean the settings on the page.

The developers need a break. No new features for at least 3 months and a fix-only phase to align everything.



2019-02-11 15:27

developer   ~50500

@jelo : select a survey, put some string for new name and click ion the big blue button : form is empty …

I do it a lot … and it's grrrrr

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