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14502Bug reportsDocumentationpublic2019-04-30 09:11
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.15.x 
Fixed in Version3.16.x 
Summary14502: Template : need separation and need more twig information

I look to add :

  1. twig manual link
  2. included function list
  3. new function by LS
  4. How to update twig configuration (adding a function for example)

But : i don't found where here :

Additional Information

Maybe : basic usage

  1. update css/js
  2. update included html : link to boostrap and twig : basic usage of twig about {{ , ~"" etc …
  3. Some tips about image etc .

advanced/complete usage

  1. List twig function (think processString is really needed,maybe in basic tips ?)
  2. How to add a new twig function
  3. config.xml
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2019-02-10 09:57

partner   ~50483

Carsten, can you assign this one to your manual expert? Is that "cdorin"?



2019-02-10 11:54

developer   ~50485

I can work on page, no problem : but i'm unsure if we need : 2 page (one basic + one advanced) or more :) @cdorin : if you create the page : give the link here .



2019-02-11 12:49

manager   ~50492

Haven t reached Themes yet. It is in my plan.

As @DenisChenu mentioned, we need two pages imo. One for advanced users, and one for average users - to serve as an introduction to Themes.

Denis, please edit It s nice for me to have all the knowledge in one place to start put it in a more simple language for simple users :). I am still not sure how the Themes page for basic users will look like since it s quite complex and a lot of notes will have to be added.

I will start working on Themes once covered all the manual at least once (almost there ^^) - my dream/goal is to finish Themes before the launch of LS4



2019-02-11 15:40

developer   ~50502

I put it anywhere on this page ? Create new cat after ?



2019-02-11 15:45

manager   ~50503

Yes, looks good.



2019-02-12 10:18

partner   ~50511

@cdorin: As far as I can see there is no list of available Twig functions included at any manual page. That would be rather important but can be added to the documentation for advanced users. We should just not forget adding it since it is a core part of theme customization.



2019-02-12 12:50

partner   ~50515

We will see many questions about displaying variables (ExpressionScript) inside twig. {{ processString("{VARNAME}") }} should be exposed to people early on. When coming from an older LS version, you're looking for this.



2019-02-27 08:58

developer   ~50692

Staring by

Think have a Theme Namespace is a good idea …



2019-02-27 10:18

manager   ~50693

Looks awesome @DenisChenu. Thank you for your work!

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