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14384Feature requests[All Projects] Response browsingpublic2019-01-03 13:27
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Summary14384: add possibility to modify buttons in responseGrid via plugin events

we add some buttons in response grid by jquery selector search, which is different from version to version.

currently the buttons will be created via SurveyDynamic::getGridButtons() which is simply returning an array of button definitions.

add a hook that allows a plugin to modify this button list

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2018-12-28 16:23

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2018-12-28 20:47

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Denis, what do you think? If it looks good, please accept the pull request.



2018-12-31 17:13

developer   ~50081

@Mazi : i prefer a more global solution, something not related to Response only but can be updatable to another tabmle (token for example currently).

But more : personnaly i'm for a solution to allow add any column too … (i need a uuid for each response in one of my project : the only current solution is to use an hidden short text question …)

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