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14373Bug reports[All Projects] _ Unknownpublic2018-12-21 22:27
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Product Version3.15.x 
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Summary14373: Tip text in Ranking type questions assumes a particular spatial layout (two columns, left and right)

Thanks for developing LimeSurvey.
I have an instance with version 3.15.5+181115 in and we're using it for a survey about the future Debian release artwork.
The survey consists in one question type Ranking, the options are shown as HTML images (loaded from the original places where the artwork is stored,
The default theme for the question was resulting in a suboptimal layout, so we chose the advanced_ranking theme for this question. This makes the available options appear in a group and at the bottom the other group for the chosen ranking, instead of in two columns (left and right). Then, the help tip becomes confusing, because it reads:
"Double-click or drag-and-drop items in the left list to move them to the right - your highest ranking item should be on the top right, moving through to your lowest ranking item."
but our participants don't see "a right column", they move their chosen options to the bottom, and those are ordered left-to-right.
After receiving several reports about the issue, we have hidden the tip, and added "You can use double-click and drag-and-drop to select/move items." to the question text.

My suggestion is that the help tip does not assume a particular spatial layout (I suppose (but didn't test) that even with the default theme, in small screens as the mobile ones, the page will show groups up-down instead of columns left-right). "You can use double-click and drag-and-drop to select/move items." would be my proposed text but I realise it's not very explicative either...

Steps To Reproduce

Create a survey
Add a question of type "Ranking"
Choose advanced_ranking as theme
Add answer options that include images, or long texts.
Preview question in several screen resolutions (e.g. mobile).

Or go to and take the survey (if you already vote, showing the question page and abandoning the page later is ok, since you don't need to submit your answers to see the layout issue).

Or unzip the attachment and open the question.html file in a web browser (to see the layout we have).

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.15.5+181115
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Browserested in Firefox and Chromium in Debian stable)
Database & DB-VersionPostgreSQL from Debian stable
Server OS (if known)Debian 9 stable
Webserver software & version (if known)Nginx from Debian stable
PHP Version7.0 (php7.0-fpm package from Debian stable)




2018-12-20 15:13

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2018-12-20 16:08

developer   ~50053

It's a question theme issue : the string is done only for javascript (check disabling javascript)



2018-12-20 16:08




2018-12-21 22:27

administrator   ~50063

Removing JavaScript will remove the complete ranking functionality desired, that is no option therefore.

I'll have a look to fix the question type. I won't be able to until the first week of January, though.
The help text is rendered in the question type and we can change that depending on what theme is loaded.

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