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Summary14355: manual: color of unmet validation tip messages after re-display

The following sentence can be found in the manual regarding the individual styling of validation tip messages:

"Furthermore, when you first visit a page that has unmet validation criteria, you can color-code the tips in a pleasing color to show which validation criteria have not been met yet; then re-display the page using a harsher color if the person submits the page with lingering validation errors."

But according to this forum thread, the procedure described in the cited paragraph cannot be done:

I think the procedure in the cited paragraph would be nice to add because otherwise you have red validation tips before you have answered the question the first time (e.g. "Please choose 2 answers."). However, it looks like the procedure described in the cited paragraph cannot be done, so this paragraph should be deleted.

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2018-12-18 00:20

developer   ~49977

Not «can not be done» :).

My POV : it's an issue in 3.X due to this function :

Maybe manual update to explain how to disable easily this function

PS : i think too this : is an issue too since it's easy to do it in CSS (in custom.css: .hide-type .text-error{display:block})

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