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14347Feature requestsErgonomypublic2019-08-07 17:39
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Summary14347: Delete Surveys - List selected surveys for mass deletion in the confirm dialog to prevent accidentally deleting unwanted surveys

"Are you sure you want to delete all those surveys?" is not showing which surveys actually have been manually selected

while we can assume the user knows which ones they selected it may be safer and better approach to list the surveys so they can double check them, especially if they may be working with a bigger list

in case they have selected surveys they didn't meant to delete or change their mind (as a result of reviewing survey names) they can thus click "No" and review their choice,

where otherwise having simply pressed "Yes" to confirm and only then receiving the list of surveys that have been deleted could be fatal to realise having deleted a wrong survey as it will be too late :)

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2018-12-16 10:10

developer   ~49970

Yep, great idea :) hard to do but great idea :)



2018-12-20 11:18

developer   ~50024

no it should not be that hard to do
I agree it's a good idea



2018-12-20 12:28

developer   ~50033

Remind always POST value :)



2019-02-06 10:39

reporter   ~50422




2019-07-17 11:07

administrator   ~52903

So i add the feature for all actions. it will automatically display the list of selected surveys when clicking on some action .

selected 2.PNG (24,875 bytes)   
selected 2.PNG (24,875 bytes)   
selected.PNG (22,003 bytes)   
selected.PNG (22,003 bytes)   
selected 3.PNG (29,339 bytes)   
selected 3.PNG (29,339 bytes)   


2019-07-17 11:11

reporter   ~52904

does the "Selected" word (in green) point to an action (i.e. deselecting)?



2019-07-17 11:22

administrator   ~52906

@ritapas no. Thats a great idea but we have to refactor the "MassiveActionsWidget" to make it possible.



2019-07-17 13:35

administrator   ~52910

features added to develop branch

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