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14315Bug reports[All Projects] Expression Managerpublic2018-12-06 15:16
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Product Version3.15.x 
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Summary14315: Expressions are not reloading after error message is received when the submit button is clicked

The problem is with Questions #2, 2b, 2c and 2d in my survey. It is an Array (Numbers) with the checkbox option. This is a mandatory question with 8 sub-questions.

The next three questions (Q2b,c,d) only pop up if certain boxes are checked in Question #2.

Here's the problem I am encountering:

I filled in some of the sub-questions for Q2 and leave the others blank.
Q2 b,c and d popped up as expected.
I completed the rest of the questions on the survey then clicked submit.
As expected, I got an error message that said 'One or more mandatory questions has not been answered. You cannot proceed until these have been completed'.
I go back up to Q2, but notice that Q2b,c and d have now disappeared.
I check off the missing boxes from Q2.
Q2b and c come back up if I click the appropriate columns in Q2, and they appear to fine.
Q2c comes back up if I click the appropriate column in Q2, but it is only filtering the new sub-questions I selected the second time. All of my previous sub-questions I selected the first time are gone.

Steps To Reproduce

To duplicate error, for Q2 select:
Sanger for Breast Cancer
Pyrosequencing for Colorectal Cancer
Real-Time PCR for Gastrointestinal Cancer
NGS for Glioblastoma
leave the rest of the sub-questions blank.
Fill in whatever you want for Q2b,c,d & Q3, then hit submit.
The error message 'One or more mandatory questions...' will pop up.
Scroll back up to Q2 and you'll notice that Q2b,c,d are no longer visible.
You can get 2b and c to come back by selecting Real-time PCR or NGS for another sub-question, however I shouldn't have to this. I should be able to see my previous responses.
However, for Q2c if you select Pyrosequencing for Thyroid cancer, you'll notice that Colorectal is no longer showing up. Since Pyrosequencing is selected for both Colorectal and Thyroid now, both should be showing up as sub-questions for Q2c.

Additional Information

Refer to LimeSurvey support ticket LS-SMCR-OQMK-CKTS for original question. It also has a link to a live survey that you duplicate the error in.

The lss file for a shorter version of this survey is attached. Let me know if you need me to make this survey active.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.15.1+181017
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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2018-12-03 22:32


limesurvey_survey_819152.lss (60,592 bytes)


2018-12-04 09:56

developer   ~49871

Last edited: 2018-12-04 10:00

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I don't understand this condition :
!is_empty(Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK) && (Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK == Q2_SQ001_SQ004)

why not use !is_empty(Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK) only ? (Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK == Q2_SQ001_SQ004) must bet always true (since Q2 didn't have any condition or are filtered).

If i don't make logic error : you can surely fix by
Q2b: count(Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK,Q2_SQ002_SQ004.NAOK,Q2_SQ003_SQ004.NAOK…)>0
Q2c: count(Q2_SQ001_SQ005.NAOK,Q2_SQ002_SQ005.NAOK,Q2_SQ003_SQ005.NAOK…)>0

There still a error in Expression (surely related to !is_empty(Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK) && (Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK == Q2_SQ001_SQ004) )



2018-12-04 21:03

reporter   ~49885

I deleted the code '&& (Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK == Q2_SQ001_SQ004.NAOK)' etc for questions 2b, c & d, but the expressions are still not reloading after I duplicate the problem. New .lss is attached with the revised code.

limesurvey_survey_819152(1).lss (58,960 bytes)


2018-12-06 09:03

developer   ~49891

No, confirmed is just confirmed. If i work on it : assigned.

If you are a limesurvey customer (support ticket), maybe on another way.



2018-12-06 12:01

updater   ~49892

This is older. Good that it is reported now - needs to be solved in one of the upcoming releases



2018-12-06 12:15

developer   ~49893

@cdorin : you lean : same issue in 2.73 ?



2018-12-06 14:39

updater   ~49894

@DenisChenu, don't remember it in 2.73. Have been used this kind of expressions in survey mode for a while - spotted it once with the launch of LS 3



2018-12-06 15:15

developer   ~49895

Work on last 2.X version …

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