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14263Feature requestsDocumentationpublic2021-03-10 22:36
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Summary14263: new admin themes can't be activated without editing AdminTheme.php
DescriptionCurrently application/models/AdminTheme.php needs to be edited with the new admin theme name to be included in order to be activated, otherwise it always defaults back to Sea_Green theme.

We can update the documentation of course but do we want this isStandardAdminTheme check to function this way to require additional intervention to just create a new theme?

Or can we remove this check / enable that any new theme name can be activated without this?
Steps To Reproduce1) copy admin theme
2) change config.xml name to something else
3) activate new theme
4) sea green get's activated instead
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2018-11-19 13:35

reporter   ~49695

edited the documentation


2018-11-19 13:45

developer   ~49696

It's an issue : not related to manual. We can't ask updating a core file in manual.

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