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Summary14225: Data policy variables undefined

I'm looking to use the feature listed under; settings --> data policy settings

'If you want to specify a link to the survey data policy please use the placeholders {STARTPOLICYLINK} and {ENDPOLICYLINK} to define the link that opens the popup. If there is no placeholder given, there will be an appendix. '

I would like to use {STARTPOLICYLINK} or {ENDPOLICYLINK} throughout the survey to provide a link in a consent question and through out the survey at the bottom of each page.

Unfortunately every time I use these variables they come up as 'undefined'. Do I need to activate the variables somehow? from my understanding of the ^^ text they should provide a link to the privacy policies listed under 'data policy settings'.


Steps To Reproduce

I have attached a sample survey and a picture of the variables being 'undefined'

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2018-11-07 09:33


testsurvey.lss (73,309 bytes)
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2018-11-29 13:05

developer   ~49828

No modifications would be made, which allow those placeholders to be used anywhere across the survey, except on the welcome page.
Otherwise, it would mean to break a GDPR.

In manual it is said:
Show survey policy text with mandatory checkbox: If enabled, a policy notice (e.g., regarding the protection of personal data) will be displayed on the welcome page to the survey respondents. The following options are available:

  • Don't show : If chosen, no policy notice will be displayed to your survey respondents.
  • Show as text : If enabled, the whole data security/policy text will be displayed after the welcome message. The checkbox will be displayed at the bottom of the text.
  • Collapsible text : If enabled, only the checkbox text will be displayed. To access the full policy/data security text, the survey respondents will have to click on the Show policy button located under the checkbox text.

So, you can only show policy text on the welcome page and only if this option is enabled.
You can use {STARTPOLICYLINK} and {ENDPOLICYLINK} placeholders only in "Survey data policy checkbox label" field on "Data policy settings" page.



2018-11-30 08:01

reporter   ~49843

Hi Dominik,

Your answer is quite confusing for us.

How can it break the GDPR when you make the link to the privacy policy on other pages also available?
Use case for example would be that you want to place the link in the footer on every survey page.

Furthermore, it is now by system design possible to not show the privacy policy at all on the welcome page (you can even deactivate this page...).




2018-11-30 10:46

developer   ~49851

What I said earlier is just an information my colleague said to me.
He said that data policy functionality must stay as it is.
I believe he wants to be sure that data policy statement is always fixed on welcome page and controllable by option.
If users want to turn this option on or off is up to them.

You can't reuse existing data policy link anywhere else ( it works only on welcome page ), but you should enter a new HTML link to data policy statement on your website.



2018-12-04 08:32

reporter   ~49864

Hi Dominik,

Thanks for the quick answer.

The advantages of having the placeholders available everywhere are:

  • you can have different privacy policies on survey level without setting up different templates or referring to different links within the survey
  • you have direct multi-language support (which you otherwise also have to implement on template level)




2018-12-04 10:42

developer   ~49872

The best way to continue with your ideas is that you create a new feature request.
It can be added as new feature without affecting current functionality.

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