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14217Bug reports[All Projects] Ergonomypublic2018-11-20 08:32
ReporterDenisChenuAssigned Tomarkusfluer 
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Summary14217: Unpleasant rebound effect when editing questions

When editing question : there are an unpleasant rebound effect when click on advanced settings.

Steps To Reproduce

See screencast

Additional Information

With little width windows : this make it really long to update advanced seeting. I know officially need a big screen, but it work with a lesser screen width. Here it's lots.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.15.1 github
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2018-11-06 12:37


rebound.webm (1,295,687 bytes)
withlittlescreen.webm (903,865 bytes)


2018-11-06 12:38

developer   ~49552

on rebound : see particulary Logic (3rd clic) and statistics : go to top , without needing …



2018-11-15 14:21

developer   ~49667

@markusfluer i really think we must remove the go to top in javascript … even with a big window : you want to click a checkbox but … this checkbox moved …



2018-11-19 13:52

manager   ~49697

I will remove it for next release



2018-11-19 13:59

developer   ~49698 ;)

There still a rebound when open a Group after an opened group but really less , and it's a BS issue too. The issue is more because we need (clikc) action on the Settings



2018-11-19 15:00

manager   ~49699

Fix committed to master branch:



2018-11-20 08:22

developer   ~49701

There still a little effect : if a big tab is opened before (Timing for example). Then, when move mouse : scroll under mouse … unsure on the way to fix and how to fix (and if it must be fixed)

Maybe move from to ?



2018-11-20 08:32

developer   ~49702

Screncast with shown (current) and show (merge request)

I really think show is better

Screencast_show.webm (621,443 bytes)
Screencast_shown.webm (746,909 bytes)

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: master 9f1db507

2018-11-19 14:59:53


Committer: markusfluer Details Diff
Fixed issue 14217: Unpleasant rebound effect when editing questions (#1172)

Dev: still one rebound, but not a second one 500ms after …
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