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14197Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2018-11-14 00:54
Reporterdrrcraig Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version3.13.x 
Summary14197: Randomization of groups not working

The Randomize Group is not working for me, I am able to randomize the questions within the groups but not the groups themselves.

Steps To Reproduce

I've attached an lss file that I found on the community server that was to demonstrate randomization of groups that will not work on my system - I've also seen that this was commented on there.

I put the same name in the Randomize Groups for the groups I wish to be presented in random order but nothing changes (I get the order they are in the survey), presentation is set as group by group, same for question by question. If I change it to All at once it will randomize but not really an option for us given the size of the survey.

Tried different themes, not luck.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.15.1+181017
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedYes
Browsertested on firefox, chrome, safari, and edge
Database & DB-VersionDatabase client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 -
Server OS (if known)windows server 2008R2
Webserver software & version (if known)iis7 Build 7601 SP1
PHP Version7.1.10


related to 14139 assignedollehar Cannot get random questions within a group when using the "Question by question" format 
related to 14116 closeddominikvitt Random group order not working 




2018-10-30 14:32




2018-11-05 15:25

developer   ~49540

Currently, group randomization feature works only when using group by group mode, but it is planned for development of other modes in the future.

Are you a Premium Package user?



2018-11-06 09:48

reporter   ~49545

I have found that commenting out line 851 of em_manager_helper.php fixes this, groups are randomized once again. That line seems to reset the group order to what is set in the DB. Caveat: I'm just getting familiar with the code, and even though I can't see issues with that 'fix', I'm not sure if it's fully harmless.



2018-11-06 10:23

reporter   ~49546

Failed to mention it in my previous comment: in the version I'm working with the line in question is:




2018-11-06 12:39

administrator   ~49553

Sounds like an important function. :) I would need to look into detail what it does (and does wrong).



2018-11-06 14:22

reporter   ~49554

Oh, it IS important, but the place I've commented it out in seems to be a simple getter, which should not reinitialize the whole EM session :)

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