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14183Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2018-10-25 15:23
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Fixed in Version4.0.0dev 
Summary14183: Using the result of an equation in further questions (text / relevance)


I am trying to use the result of an equation to change the tet of a further question, and to make another further question appear or not.
I have seen the example of the manual :

The variable in the equation seems to compute correctly, it is displayed at runtime.
AllAnswered = ( ! is_empty(MyArray_SQ1) and ! is_empty(MyArray_SQ2) and ! is_empty(MyArray_SQ3))

But the further questions are not updated...
I have tried many things :

  • It is not a NAOK problem, because all is visible (I have tried with NAOK anyway)
  • I have tried with the variable affectation {AllAnswered = <myequation>} or without {<myequation>)
  • I have tried using the direct boolean output of the equation, or convert it to int 0/1

I was told to fill a bug report from the forum :

Thank you

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.15.1
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BrowserFirefox 62.0.3 32 bits
Database & DB-Version355
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duplicate of 14047 closedDenisChenu Equation didn't update previous text 




2018-10-25 09:54




2018-10-25 15:23

developer   ~49441

This is an old bug : equation updating didn't really trigger all related equation/expression in same page.

This is fixed in 4.0, to hard to fix it in 3.X.

Solution : copy/paste the equation to condition if it's in same page.

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