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14126Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2021-03-11 08:20
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Summary14126: google map without API broke

With a question without API key : google map broke. We can not realy fix it … BUT : we must disable google map if not API key is set

Steps To Reproduce

Create a question with google map
test this question
Go to the link shown :

Additional Information

Best solution : remove Google map and create a "disablme" by default Question theme but need a way to add a "theme setting" for this API key (globally)
Bad and quick solution : add "gmap" only if global setting is set :

With bad and quick solution : we can remove some settings too (about country/town) :

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related to 14128 new Feature requests Question theme/template need settings (global and maybe survey) 

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3.25.17 still broke.

But : if Map questin can be moved to Theme : it's better

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