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14096Feature requests[All Projects] Survey participants (Tokens)public2018-10-12 10:33
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Summary14096: SPAM problems mailing

We are having problems with the mails we are sending. We've done a open public registration survey. When one person registers, the mail this person receives goes to the spam folder in the outlook mailing software. It doesen't happen in GMail. Any idea? We've tried working on the advises and recommendations that people were discussing in the forum but it is not working, and the wird thing is that we're not doing a massive mail sendig, it's just one mail per registration.

Thank you.

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2018-09-25 15:37

developer   ~49124

We can't manage spam a lot more better on our side …

I have 10/10 on but still have issue with my server (spf+dkim OK)



2018-10-10 10:26

reporter   ~49285

Hello, we have checked the spam tester and we are 10/10. We have also detected that when we save our responses in the middle of the questionnaire, the automatic mail that is sent to any participant goes to spam. You said that you can't manage spam much better than you're already doing, but it will get problematic once there are thousands of participants doing one survey... Could we manage any options, or should I ask for a plugin or a pull request?

Thank you,



2018-10-10 10:38

manager   ~49287

it's a server configuration problem, not a LimeSurvey problem.
Please, read:



2018-10-10 10:54

reporter   ~49288

I don't know if i understand it. I've been reading about DKIM, and I can't configure the 'hash' in the Lime Survey mailing. So, the ting is that the 'decodification' process in Outlook isn't matching with the hash code of the Lime Survey, is it like this?




2018-10-10 10:59

manager   ~49289

it's not related to limesurvey at all.
please, see that with your server admin



2018-10-10 11:00

developer   ~49290

I have just an idea about spam : adding list-unsuscribe link, it's the only -0.01 we have in mail-tester, but this surely don't fix issues …

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