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Summary13727: Question template : adding automatically Expression Validation

Question template allow HTML update, it‘s cool, but i think Question template must allow some Expression Validation

One example :

  • email_template for short text : show input type='email' : easy, but need a regexp for email validation (from javascript AND server)
  • postal_code_template (for france) : input type='text' , ,only regexp
Additional Information

Idea :

Inside the twig file : we can use question attribute, maybe subquestion too (for some for each)

Another situation can be move arrayTextAdapt to question_template : . But here , i don't find the way to move it to question template : we can not call other models : right.

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2018-05-30 09:23

developer   ~47904

I put it in plugin, but it's not plugin :)



2018-05-30 11:55

partner   ~47915

+1 for the validation.



2018-05-30 17:25

developer   ~47926

The 2 : because for example for min : we need this, and this is only in em_validation_sq. self and this are in em_validation_q :).

If you have a "real situation" example, it can be great



2018-07-01 11:13

developer   ~48424

Related pull request :

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