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13711Feature requestsTranslationpublic2018-09-14 18:21
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Summary13711: Make some texts editable per survey
DescriptionSince some of my users use LS not only for surveys but for registration forms, they want me to translate the following phrases:

- You must be registered to complete this survey
- You may register for this survey if you wish to take part.
- Enter your details below, and an email containing the link to participate in this survey will be sent immediately.

My users want that these phrase sound more generic to be applicable to registrations forms and surveys.

After every update we need to download latest .po files and translate the phrases to their needs. For me it would be easier if the phrases could be adjusted directly in a surveys "text elements".
Additional InformationPlease let me know if you need more information.
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2018-05-25 13:53


registerforsurvey.png (33,458 bytes)   
registerforsurvey.png (33,458 bytes)   


2018-09-14 18:21

developer   ~49050

With 3.X and mono lingual : you can directly set this string in theme

Create a copy of theme and copy this file via theme editor

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