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13551Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2018-03-30 08:22
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Summary13551: Survey owner does not see all permitted users
DescriptionIf a superadmin adds permission to a user A and permissions to users of a group B, user A does not see the other users in survey permissions overview and the other way round. A is the only one who is NOT member of the group B. Users of the group (including the owner of the survey) only see the other group users but not user A.

Please ask for more screenshots if it's unclear.

I think, the survey owner should always see who can access his survey (maybe excluding the superusers).
Steps To ReproduceCreate a survey.
Create a user group and add members.
Add permissions for the group to the survey.
As superadmin add permissions for another user, who is not in the group.
With each user, look at the permissions overview of the affected survey.
Additional InformationThis is in version 3.6.0, but I could not choose it above.
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2018-03-29 10:34




2018-03-29 15:41

developer   ~47287

Security : usercontrolSameGroupPolicy «By default, non-admin users defined in the LimeSurvey management interface will only be able to see users they create or users that belong to at least one same group.»


2018-03-29 16:47

reporter   ~47288

Hi Denis, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I wasn't aware of that setting. But I still think that a survey admin should know who have access to his data.

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