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13511Feature requestsPluginspublic2018-03-22 15:50
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned Toollehar1  
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Summary13511: Allow new attribute in beforeQuestionRender (previously exist but undocumented)
DescriptionThere are an undocumented beforeQuestionRender Possible output , but i think it can be very interesting.

This allow to add data-XXX for example
Additional Informationdata attribute seems the best way for javascripting.
I didn't remind if i use it on an existing plugin , but i already use a lot data-options=".json_encode($option)." on another system
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2018-03-22 11:18

developer   ~47180


2018-03-22 11:18

developer   ~47181

And great for aria too


2018-03-22 15:50

reporter   ~47190

Fix committed to master branch:

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LimeSurvey: master f1957a37

2018-03-22 15:50:13


Committer: ollehar1 Details Diff
beforeQuestionRender Class + attributes (#1022)

* Fixed issue 13510: beforeQuestionRender didn't include Class
Dev: this one seems really needed … adding a class by plugin is needed
Dev: but can not remove included function in old twig file

* Dev: remove deprecated function
Dev: getQuestionReplacement NEED question qanda, currently return only empty replacement
Dev: didn't fix 13490

* New feature 13511: Allow new attribute in beforeQuestionRender
Dev: previously exist but undocumented
Affected Issues
13490, 13510, 13511
mod - application/core/LS_Twig_Extension.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/SurveyRuntimeHelper.php Diff File
mod - application/helpers/replacements_helper.php Diff File
mod - themes/survey/vanilla/views/subviews/survey/question_container.twig Diff File

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