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13485Bug reports[All Projects] Translationpublic2019-02-12 17:35
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Summary13485: your and mine and other personal terms used

Not a bug, but I hate all those personal terms in use trough out the gui. To make it personal, this is my personal view ;-)

"Your update key" (during ComfortUpdate process) could very fine be "Update key". There are tons of other similar expressions in use and I have decided to remove them in the Norwegian translation.

Another irritating use is the use of "survey" in almost every second string. I have removed a lot of the use of "survey" in the Norwegian translation as the strings are very long (survey = undersøkelse in Norwegian). And it is obvious and not necessary to put the word "survey" in almost every string around. I can make lists of examples if needed. All those veeeryyy long terms in use is waste.

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2018-03-15 17:11

administrator   ~47083

Would you consider installing git and do these changes by a pull request?
That would really help and prevent duplicate work and you would actually have direct influence on the English original strings.



2018-03-15 17:26

updater   ~47086

I'll think about it. I'm not really a developer, but quite experienced what concerns software user interfaces and written language in general (Norwegian, not English).

I asked the question first and foremost to have your opinion about the topics: use of personal pronouns and the heavy use of "survey". Here is a couple of examples from the latest contribution at (new text strings).

Survey policy notice: Merknad til undersøkelsespolitikk:
Survey policy error: Feil ved undersøkelsespolitikk:
Survey policy label: Etikett til undersøkelsespolitikk:

Survey policy notice and so on. Needed? My native language is Norwegian and not English, but do we need the use of "survey" in these examples to make it clear for the user what the setting is all about?



2018-03-16 09:22

developer   ~47093

Your right : we already on Survey, not need to add it again .

Example : in question we show 'help' not 'Question help' :)



2019-02-12 17:34

manager   ~50531

Hey @pmonstad, did you start to work on this? I can also help here. Saw that the target version is LS4.

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