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13471Feature requests[All Projects] Otherpublic2018-04-18 10:41
Reporterpoiche54Assigned ToDenisChenu 
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Summary13471: Allow expression in default location (map)
DescriptionI have a strange phenomenon. I select a position in a first map. So I have the longitude and latitude references. When I put these longitude latitude couple in a second map at Open Street Map I do not find myself at the place of my selection made to the first map, while if I use Google Maps for the second map it works normally .
For example when I select the town of Montpellier in my first map, I have the good reference but when I give these references to the second map for zooming in this area, I am in Hamburg area.
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2018-03-13 14:52


test_openStreetMap.lss (14,429 bytes)


2018-03-15 17:23

administrator   ~47085

I cannot reproduce the issue using your test survey.
How do you search for the first coordinates? What are the first coordinates?
Do you copy and paste them?
Can you maybe attach screenshots?


2018-04-11 15:26

reporter   ~47403

As I wrote before, when I choose for example Montpellier in the first map (South-East of France) the latitude and longitude are given in the data of the question. I take these data that I put in the second map characteristics (see the {str_replace(";"," ",localisation)} in default position, the latitude and longitude from the first map), normally I should get a zoomed map around Montpellier, but the map displayed is the one around Hamburg in Germany !!! That's the problem.


2018-04-11 15:32

reporter   ~47404

This problem appends only with Open Street Map. No problem with with Google Map. I just made some other tests,
If I click anywhere in the world I find myself always on the side of Hamburg in the second map


2018-04-11 18:43

developer   ~47407

If you set manually position to same value : it work ?
Value are the same ?


2018-04-11 18:43

developer   ~47408

@c_schmitz you can give it to me if needed


2018-04-11 19:00

developer   ~47409

I don't understand why it work in gmap. It's surely gmap system about 'last position set in gmap'


2018-04-12 10:58

developer   ~47411

OK, more a new feature : center part are not set to expression usage

(expression => '1' mean : allow usage of expression (if you add {), expression => '3' mean : forced usage of expressio (we add the { }). )

Visual difference are clear for 2, but don't find a way for 1 …
And here : it can be only 'static'


2018-04-12 11:06

developer   ~47412

@c_schmitz : i know "no new feature" in master currently, but … really little and great feature ;)


2018-04-17 18:27

reporter   ~47442

Fix committed to master branch:

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LimeSurvey: master eaece8e3

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New feature 13471: Allow expression in default location (map)

Dev: i know it's new feature, but really easy and no potential issue
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