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Summary13442: Unifying the UI

In Array questions Subquestions and answer options are shown in seperate views.
In Array(Number) questions subquestions ( x and y scale) are shown in the same view.
This is somewhat puzzling, especially for unexperienced users.

Is ist possible to unify the UI so that both are always shown in a single view?

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See the attached screenshots

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2018-03-03 23:27


Clipboard17.jpg (139,456 bytes)


2018-03-04 19:20

developer   ~46881

Subquestion make column , Answer are value inside column (possible choice)

I don't think we must unify answer and subquestion : logic is really different.



2018-03-04 19:45

reporter   ~46884

You are absolutely right from the methodological point of view :)
My point of view is the increased usability of editing in one view, I would like you to consider.



2018-03-05 07:53

developer   ~46887

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My Point Of View
Best things in editing (edit question link) : all edit inside the content block with load/save in ajax mode with:

question text
question help
relevance (?)
#Advanced settings#
All advanced settings each inside a show/hide block
With a block with mandatory + otrher + default value (i think default value must be pout in General adv settings)
#Sub question#
Sub question Y
Sub question X
Answers list

Each part are in show/hide , question part are the first show by default (or hidden ?)



2018-03-05 08:50

reporter   ~46888

Looks like a good idea to me :)



2018-03-06 13:21

administrator   ~46922

All Advanced option in one block is bad ui.
The Advanced options should be seperated in multiple views.
That way it may be a bit harder for old users to do things all at once, but new users won't be overwhelmed by the possible options.

I'm with you that subquestions and answeroptions should be integrated into the question edit view.
We are not changing this in the current 3.4, though. This will be done in develop, as soon as we've got the resources to do it properly.



2018-03-06 14:26

developer   ~46924

« All Advanced option in one block is bad ui.» Where did you see that ?

All advanced settings each inside a show/hide block
More clean way to say Adv settings : each category inside own block



2018-03-06 14:47

reporter   ~46925

Did not understand DenisChenus idea in the way that all Advanced Settings have to be melted in one single block - but the different blocks should be view / hideable as it is on the leftmost menu with "<", "Settings", "Structure".
This would have some advantages on smaller screens (e.g. laptops or tablets). See attached (downscaled) screenshots to compare an uhd view and a 1280x720 view. In 1280 things are already a little tight and some tablates have only 1024px width.

Clipboard01.png (39,239 bytes)   
Clipboard01.png (39,239 bytes)   
Clipboard02.png (119,547 bytes)


2018-03-06 15:53

administrator   ~46929

Denis, that's what I meant.
As a little hint i would do it comparable to the general survey settings, all settings options would get a seperate view grouped by the category.
Also I would go for a sideways tab, meaning, you would only see one setting-category at once.



2018-03-06 15:57

developer   ~46930

Yep, i made an error here :) maybe we need at same place without extra buttons but with ajax system
#Question Text
#Sub questions

And at the other side

Global adv setting

Default value (or put it in global adv setting)

Logic adv settings

Export and stat adv setting

etc …



2018-03-06 16:29

administrator   ~46932

Something like this, yes.
As soon as there is time i will start redesigning it.



2018-03-06 22:13

reporter   ~46933

Did some sketches to visualize the previous ideas.

  • I drew the switch between "Summary", "Edit", "Answers" and "Settings" as buttons - maybe a tabbed content would be another good idea.
  • In "Answers" I added a repetition of the question text on top. This could be helpful for the "Settings" too.
  • In "Answers" too I integrated the "Default Answer" already (even if it does not fit to this kind of question), but as an idea to make the workflow smoother.
QuestionSummary.png (227,159 bytes)
QuestionText.png (148,450 bytes)
QuestionAnswers.png (156,920 bytes)
QuestionSettings.png (118,456 bytes)


2018-03-06 23:16

reporter   ~46934

HI, I improved the QuestionText view a little, like Denis ment previous to integrate relevance into the question text section.
Main idea is to make a consitant workflow with as less clicks as possible.

From the users point of view the workflow is this:

  1. make a new question (or open an existing)
  2. what type of question? => set this
  3. what is the text to be displayed for this question (text, help)? => edit this
  4. what are the subquestions / answer options (if type has such) => edit this
  5. anything special else? => do this (i.e. settings)
  6. everything done? save it!

Find attached the improved QuestionText view according to these steps and a sketch (QuestionClickPath.png it's somewhat big in size) where I tried to illustrate the workflow.
Every down-movement means "complete this part"
Every up-movement means "got to the next step for details" or finally "save"

QuestionText-2.png (157,323 bytes)
QuestionClickPath.png (1,013,106 bytes)


2018-03-07 09:11

administrator   ~46935

thank you for all that work.
This is really nice and we appreciate it.
As soon as this is an acute issue for us we will surely come back and take this into account.



2018-03-07 09:58

developer   ~46937

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My idea is more something like this :

Near same look than Adv settings for : text+code/answers/sub-questions (X and Y separate ?)/ maybe condition
BUT : with save in ajax system, and always shown : disable (grey/opacity) if not needed : for example short text question avec "Answer edit" and sub-question edit in grey.

I think it best if we have one button for edit where we can edit ALL question related part.

PS : i think Question summary must show Sub question + Answer since a lot of time (but never found time to add this feature ;) )

ClickAnswerEditView.png (124,363 bytes)
DefaultEditView.png (99,604 bytes)   
DefaultEditView.png (99,604 bytes)   


2018-03-07 12:11

reporter   ~46941

@DenisChenu - kind of slider approach :) that's a good idea too.
In this case it would be helpful if there is a chance to make the adv settings smaller as markusfluer suggested - for small screens.



2018-03-07 12:16

developer   ~46942

For little screen : i think adv settings must go at bottom, after all other part :)



2018-06-17 09:28

developer   ~48197

I was told that for admin work the minimal screen width is 1280 px.

There is a real challenge to do admin work on a smaller screen, but I guess it should be doable. But if I was the one that was allowed to make the choices, I would say: focus on making the user flow better on 1280 and + screens, and look later for improvements on smaller screens.



2019-07-11 15:09

manager   ~52836

Hello @orvil, perhaps you have the time to try LS4 and let us know what you think of the new design :) . I personally consider that everything is much cleaner and readable than in the past.



2019-08-08 17:28

manager   ~53156

Ok, I will close the ticket since LS4 comes with a slightly different GUI. We can open another ticket to discuss on LS4 which changes could make users fall in love with LimeSurvey :) .

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