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13421Feature requestsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2018-02-27 11:06
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Summary13421: Changing another user's password prompts incorrect default password warning
DescriptionSteps to reproduce
* Install limesurvey and create an admin user with some password (i tried it locally with admin/admin, but assume admin/[strong password] would work too)
* Log in as admin and create a survey administrator user
* Change the password of this new administrator user
* I get a prompt saying that i'm still using the default password ('password')

1) My password isn't 'password', so the text is just plain wrong
2) I'm changing some other user's password. It makes no sense to complain about my own password when i'm editing another user. I had no such complaint when creating the user.
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2018-02-27 11:06

reporter   ~46773

I'm sorry, this should've been a bug report. Can you change the type or should i report it again as a bug report?

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