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13372Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2018-03-15 17:38
Reporterpmonstad Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
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Product Version3.1.x 
Fixed in Version3.5.x 
Summary13372: behavior of reset in mail templates

When I hit the reset button in mail templates the template mail text is shown in English. The behavior should be to reset the strings to the language I have logged in as admin.

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2018-02-21 14:23

administrator   ~46678

Actually the default behaviour should the text in the language of the survey you are just editing.



2018-02-21 14:26

updater   ~46680

Well, it resets to English even if I run both gui and survey in English. I have never made a survey with main language set to English.



2018-02-21 14:29

administrator   ~46681

I can reproduce the problem. I added German as language to an existing survey.
On resetting the German email template I get the ENglish one.



2018-03-15 13:11

administrator   ~47068

Behaviour should be the language selected in the language tab you are editing in.
So a multilanguage survey has always the correct language.



2018-03-15 13:16

administrator   ~47070

Fix committed to master branch:



2018-03-15 17:37

updater   ~47089

Now all line feeds are removed when I hit the reset button. Line feeds are replaced by some codes:

Hei {FIRSTNAME}! Du er invitert til å delta i en undersøkelse. Undersøkelsen heter: «{SURVEYNAME}» «{SURVEYDESCRIPTION}» For å delta og svare på undersøkelsen, vennligst klikk på lenken nedenfor. Med hilsen {ADMINNAME} ({ADMINEMAIL}) ---------------------------------------------- Klikk her for å gjennomføre undersøkelsen: {SURVEYURL}

Hvis du ikke vil delta i denne undersøkelsen og heller ikke vil motta invitasjoner til andre undersøkelser, vennligst klikk på denne lenken: {OPTOUTURL}

Hvis du er svartelistet, men vil delta i denne undersøkelsen og motta invitasjoner, vennligst klikk følgende lenke: {OPTINURL}



2018-03-15 17:38

updater   ~47090

Hm, not shown correct in the post. See screenshot.

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: master 4837faae

2018-03-15 13:14:27


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Fixed issue 13372: behavior of reset in mail templates
Dev: also fixed a wrong behaviour regarding general email template settings
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