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Summary13327: Error when manually editing an answer with a special character (simple quote)
There is a bug when u want to manually edit an answer.
See the join file.
In my example, the answer is: Saint-Ouen-l'Aumone
This is the correct answer, which is visible in the answer list page.
As long as I don't manually edit an aswer with a text field containing a special character, it's OK.
But when I edit an answer containing a simple quote, the text field is cut after the simple quote.
I think it's because the special character is not escaped in the sql query, function like mysqli_real_escape_string.
I think it's the same thing with others spacial characters, didn't tried (only with simple quote)

For now, impossible to edit the answers, (or I have the access the database thru phpmyadmi but it's far toooooooo long).

Thx for fixing it!
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