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13317Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2018-09-11 15:48
Reporterjelo Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.1.x 
Fixed in Version3.3.x 
Summary13317: Equationquestion reference not directly updated in piped text.

User posted demo survey, where a piped textfield (referenced from equation question) is only updated when entering a text in a different question. I was able to reproduce the issue on

The variables of the first two questions are not select-able in the question picker of the html editor of question 3.
Not sure if that is blocked inside one group.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.1.1
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related to 14047 closedDenisChenu Equation didn't update previous text 




2018-02-07 22:54


20180207.equationupdate.PNG (14,707 bytes)   
20180207.equationupdate.PNG (14,707 bytes)   


2018-02-07 22:55

partner   ~46300

The surveyfile of the threadstarter.



2018-02-08 09:19

developer   ~46302

You mean :

  1. Have Q1 updated
  2. Q2 is an equation : updated by Q1
  3. Q3 reference Q2, not updated when Q2 is updated ?

If yes : i think i can confirm the «bug», nothing is triggered whan equation question type is updated



2018-02-08 09:35

partner   ~46303

Correct, that was the issue the threadstarter posted and tried to explain in the forum.

For me the question is:

  1. It's one group. What can we expect to work on one page. Since the update (Q3 shows value of equation of Q2) is working after typing text in Q4, it seems to be bug.

  2. The variable picker in the HTML-Editor is not allowing to choose Q1 and Q2, when editing Q3.
    Disabled, cause Q3 is in the same group as Q1 and Q2? Survey logic check is looking fine and piping is working on same page.
    Is the behavior of the variable picker intended?



2018-02-08 09:56

developer   ~46304

1: it's a bug, but an old bug
2: don't knpow the desired behaviour of EM picker. Think it must be rewrited from scratch (didn't use old SGQA, but clean QCODE.shown for example)



2018-02-08 11:32

administrator   ~46306

@DenisChenu is this an easy bug to fix?



2018-02-08 11:55

developer   ~46314

Didn't know, There are 2 solution

  1. Create a new javascript event htmlUpdate and use it in em.js
  2. After updating equation hidden part : launch a 'update' event and attach update of EM for hidden input
  3. Update the views to launch EM update : but i dislike to add javascript inside views.


2018-02-08 17:14

developer   ~46331

@olle : Pull request :

Travis fealure seems unrelated :


2018-02-16 16:10


Fix committed to develop branch:



2018-02-16 17:54

developer   ~46564




2018-02-21 16:46

administrator   ~46701

Version 3.4.1. released



2018-02-21 16:49

developer   ~46705

@c_schmitz : it's only in develop, but we don't have 3.5 or develop for Fixed in.

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: develop a4ad7877

2018-02-16 16:10:28


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Fixed issue 13317: Equation question reference not directly updated in piped text.

Dev: move em_javascript to expressions package
Dev: use trigger, and trigger in em_manager_helper
Dev: choose to hide equation part seems more template related (?)
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