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13106Bug reportsInstallationpublic2018-01-10 17:16
Reporterfvanderstarre Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.0-rc.x 
Summary13106: SQL error when installing 3.0.1

When installing LS 3.0.1 a sql error is thrown "SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 20018 Could not create constraint. See previous errors. [20018] (severity 16".
The offending statement in create-database.php is:
$oDB->createCommand()->createTable('{{groups}}', array(
'gid' => "autoincrement",
'sid' => "integer NOT NULL default '0'",
'group_name' => "string(100) NOT NULL default ''",
'group_order' => "integer NOT NULL default '0'",
'description' => "text",
'language' => "string(20) default 'en'",
'randomization_group' => "string(20) NOT NULL default ''",
'grelevance' => "text NULL",
'composite_pk' => array('gid', 'language')
which in my setup (mssql,dblib) translates to
CREATE TABLE [groups] (
[gid] integer NOT NULL IDENTITY (1,1),
[sid] int NOT NULL default '0',
[group_name] nvarchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
[group_order] int NOT NULL default '0',
[description] nvarchar(max) NULL,
[language] nvarchar(20) default 'en' NULL,
[randomization_group] nvarchar(20) NOT NULL default '',
[grelevance] nvarchar(max) NULL,
PRIMARY KEY ([gid], [language]).
You see the problem here, language may not be NULLable being part of the primary key.

Steps To Reproduce

See above, install 3.0.1 on mssql.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.0.1 build 171228
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-VersionMS-SQL 2008 R2
Server OS (if known)Linux RHEL 7
Webserver software & version (if known)Apache 2.4.6
PHP Version5.6.32


has duplicate 13122 closedmarkusfluer Can't populate database (MSSQL) 




2017-12-29 15:27

reporter   ~45406

Same error with "create table questions" (language not defined as NOT NULL)



2017-12-29 15:32

reporter   ~45407

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 20018 Cannot insert explicit value for identity column in table 'tutorials' when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF. [20018] (severity 16) [(null)] #0 /data/websites/limesurvey-test/html/temp/framework/db/CDbCommand.php(1278): CDbCommand->execute(Array)
#1 /data/websites/limesurvey-test/html/temp/installer/create-database.php(917): CDbCommand->insert('{{tutorials}}', Array)



2018-01-02 09:21

reporter   ~45414

Same problem with table "tutorial_entries".
Primary key definition should be deferred to after initial values have been inserted.
To finish, table "tutorial_entry_relation" should be specified as follows:
'teid' => 'int NOT NULL',
'tid' => 'int NOT NULL',
'uid' => 'int NULL',
'sid' => 'int NULL'
The "DEFAULT NULL" clause has to be avoided in mssql for INT columns.

I am well aware you guys would prefer me to set up a GitHub repository and do a pull request, I tried that for one of the issues I reported earlier but it didn't work out. So please let me know if the information I gave here is sufficient for you!



2018-01-05 10:38

reporter   ~45424

Same issue as 13122



2018-01-08 11:41

administrator   ~45460

Fix committed to master branch:

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LimeSurvey: master b6c06ef7

2018-01-08 11:40:56


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