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13008Bug reports[All Projects] Import/Exportpublic2018-01-15 10:41
ReporterLiod_DSAssigned ToDenisChenu 
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Product Version2.7x.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.7x.x 
Summary13008: SPSS export invalid A0 for string

After the last few patches the spss export it's changed, i found a major bugs in the export_helper

Steps To Reproduce

i think the new function to calculate the lenght of the strings can return the value "0".

Obviusly in SPSS the value "A0" is not allowed, and it gives errors.
Ulteriori informazioni the function is stringSize($sColumn) [found in application/helpers/export_helper.php] and i fixed it by adding a line before the return

-> if ((int)$lengthReal == 0){$lengthReal = 1;}

but i can't really say if it will broke some other things, so please check !

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)V 2.72.5+171121
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2017-12-14 15:31

developer   ~45296

Seems some difference betwwen SPSS version then :).

Can you test about integer if it's OK too ? F8.0 for example.

It's not really a major issue : update file is easy :)



2017-12-14 15:40

reporter   ~45297

yes you're right !

The function for the number works fine, even with the x.0 decimals, i have a few in my export !

I'm using PsPP and it keep give me some waring/errors but it works, ofc in the previous export no warnig popped out.

I feel the errors are related to the newest lenght calculating function, but with the hard fix i can deliver the datas today ... so i post the screen just in case it can help you

Output — PSPPIRE Output Viewer.jpg (115,269 bytes)


2017-12-16 10:22

developer   ~45310

Fix committed to master branch:



2017-12-16 10:24

developer   ~45311

Fix committed to develop branch:



2017-12-16 10:28

developer   ~45312

OK, fixed this one.

@Liod_DS : for the other : can you compare the 2 files ? I didn't understand : i didn't update other part , i think i only update the GET DATA syntax part … :(
And report it at another bug



2017-12-18 09:27

reporter   ~45316

@DenisChenu i don't know, the PsPP software get it but leave me some warning, maybe it's my enviroment ( I have change some configurations before edit the helper) ... i think i can't compare 1:1 to an old file because the different sizes (and the survey change slightly every month).... i will try to search for difference in the sintaxt !



2017-12-18 09:31

developer   ~45317


:). If you want i have an old 2.6lts running : i can export the syntax file from this one :) .

It's more esy if you don't have warning after ;)



2018-01-15 10:41

administrator   ~45763

Version 3.0.3 released.

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LimeSurvey: master 8ad0150b

2017-12-16 10:22:29


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Fixed issue 13008: SPSS export invalid A0 for string Affected Issues
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LimeSurvey: develop f20a3f08

2017-12-16 10:24:25


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fixed issue 13008: SPSS export invalid A0 for string Affected Issues
mod - application/helpers/export_helper.php Diff File

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