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12920Bug reports[All Projects] Expression Managerpublic2018-01-12 16:16
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Summary12920: Expressions not working when based on a matrix question in "All in one"-mode

This bug appears when you choose that you bought at least one of the two products in question a2.1

There is a question based on the answers of that matrix that should be shown.
The problem ONLY occurs when you put the survey in "All in one"-mode and go straight to a2.1 with clicking yes on all questions.
The answers of the subquestion of the matrix in 2.1(ls-code: a21a) are the base for the appearence of the question a2.2. Clicking yes on them should let the follow up appear.

The bug does not appear when I cut questions from the beginning so sorry for the length.

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2017-11-15 17:26


Bugreport.lss (126,228 bytes)


2017-11-17 11:42

partner   ~45101

I can reproduce the issue.

My guess is that the question visibility is adjusted correctly once the conditions get applied on click BUT the visibility of the question group does NOT get updated. Thus, the question keeps being invisible though at question level "display: none" gets removed.



2017-11-17 15:44

administrator   ~45103

Please! Fill in all details! Which LS version?



2017-11-20 09:06

partner   ~45110


But it should also be possible to reproduce at the latest 2.7x version.

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