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12399Bug reports[All Projects] ComfortUpdatepublic2017-05-18 09:17
Assigned ToLouisGac 
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Summary12399: Comfort Update cannot delete files (which ones?) and after that, no more comfort update available

I used Comfort Update like always in the past, but then, it said, it "could not delete files, which had to be deleted by the update". But I got no list or path of files.

And after that, when I tried the Comfort Update again, it says:

Keine Erstellungsversion gefunden!
Es scheint, als ob Sie eine Version nutzen, die aus dem LimeSurvey GitHub Versionierungssystem stammt. Sie k├Ânnen leider kein ComfortUpdate nutzen.

So, I cannot use the Comfort Update anymore now and I don't know, if the last update was successful.

Version in the bottom right of the screen is: Version 2.65.0
Steps To ReproduceJust started Comfort Update...
TagsNo tags attached.
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)If it is right, it says: Version 2.65.0
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Browsercurrent versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome
Database & DB-VersionmySQL 5.7
Operating System (Server)Windows 2012 R2 Server
Webserver software & versionIIS 8.5
PHP VersionPHP Version 7.1.1




2017-05-16 09:49


hc_001.jpg (157,940 bytes)


2017-05-17 13:39

reporter   ~43623

Any reaction?


2017-05-17 14:26

developer   ~43625

yes, we're trying to reproduce the bug.


2017-05-17 15:07

reporter   ~43626

Thank you


2017-05-17 18:12

developer   ~43629

ok we can't reproduce the bug, I tried many times. I've updated the code so if any file can't be delete, its name will be indicated.
I'm going to create a specific patch to fix your installation.


2017-05-18 09:17

reporter   ~43637

ok, thank you

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