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Summary12370: Different ways of hiding a question: confusing

I now know three ways of hiding a question from being shown on the screen, but there are nasty differences:

Using a text question

  1. Use "Advanced settings > Always hide this question" and click Yes. Result: question is not shown on the screen and values that are in the answer will not be saved in the database.
  2. Use $('#question'+QID).hide(); in the question source results in: the question is not shown, but possible answers (like a result from a Javascript) will be stored.
  3. Use class "hidden" in "Advanced settings > CSS classes" results in: the question is not shown, but possible answers (like a result from a Javascript) will be stored.

So: 2 and 3 seem to have the same effect, but 1 is different. I think that this is confusing.

I would propose to change the setting options of "Always hide this question" from yes/no to:

  • Show
  • Hide (but do render)
  • Do not render
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2017-05-02 17:55




2017-05-02 17:56

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Hide & use
Hide & do not use



2017-05-03 11:58

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or better:
Render & hide
Do not render

With some instruction, like:
"Render & hide" means that your question will be in the outputted HTML, but it will not be shown, because it will be hidden by Javascript. This means that Javascript that is in the question text/help text/javascript field will be executed and that results may be stored in the database.
"Do not render" means that the question will not be available in the outputted HTML and that all Javascript that is in the question text/help text or in the Javascript field, will not be executed.

I specifically mention the (not yet existing Javascript field here), since I think that all Javascript should have it's own place in the question. Not in the question text or in the help text.



2017-05-03 13:19

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My feature request was about different hide Modes:
None (Show Question)
Hide completely ( No HTML)
Hide via Javascript / JQuery
Hide via CSS

But your wording will be a lot more accessible.
Take a look at the forum link in this ticket. Very old thread. You might post there too.



2017-05-03 13:56

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OK, five years ago some guys (DenisChenu and TMSWhite) already had this idea. Guess I'm late...,-execute-jquery-code#75966



2017-05-03 13:58

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And related in the last forum post TMSWhite made here:



2017-06-15 15:48

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