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Summary12248: Expose php mt_rand to Expression manager
DescriptionThe rand() is not a very good PRNG.
Please add mt_rand to Expression manager.

A change of rand() (EM) to use mt_rand (PHP) would be possible too, but might would add compatibility issues when comparing old and new results.
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2017-04-04 00:34

developer   ~43374

7.1.0 rand() has been made an alias of mt_rand().
7.1.0 mt_rand()has been updated to use the fixed, correct, version of the Mersenne Twister algorithm. To fall back to the old behaviour, use mt_srand() with MT_RAND_PHP as the second paramter.

But for js : use Math.random or another ?


2017-04-04 09:38

partner   ~43376

Was there a time when rand() was not using PHP?
I still wonder why manual examples stating {floor(rand(1,6.9999))}. The purpose of floor is unclear when rand() output is always integer. The 6.9999 as a parameter for php rand() is not needed.


2017-04-04 10:08

partner   ~43378

The rand() JS for rand() PHP was this, right?

function rand (min, max) {
    var args = arguments.length;
    if (args === 0) {
        min = 0;
        max = 32768;
        return Math.floor( Math.random() * (max - min + 1) ) + min;

MT implementations for JS are available. But choosing the right one might be a bigger task.

I'm really surprised that no rand() compatibility is maintained for PHP 7.1.

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