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12218Bug reportsCentral participant databasepublic2021-08-31 08:40
Reporterhaubel Assigned Toc_schmitz  
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Summary12218: Error when selecting display 2500 rows per page

After updating to the latest version (2.64.1+170310) every time someone selects 2500 or more from the rows per page drop down menu in the Central Participant Database we get this error message: (see attached image)

I haven't been able to go back to the previous version because I don't see it posted anymore ( They used to be listed in the old version of the page, but in this new version I can't find them.

I'm also getting the same error on the site that we use with GitHub.

Apparently LS is asking to increase the memory size. Currently we allocated 256MB. I thought the required was 128MBs.

Additional Information

Our Central Participant Database has 1350 participants. When sending surveys out, the survey admins select 2500 in order to filter the participants by attributes. If filtering by attribute is done before loading all 1350 participants (by selecting the 2500 option) then the filtering is lost. Say, we filter by one attribute, we get 500 participants displayed across 50 pages (since the default is to show 10 per page) then we select to display 1000 participants per page, then the attribute that we filtered the participants is lost . . .

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)2.64.1+170310
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related to 11891 closedollehar Lost a really needed feature in the lasts version : filter + move whole filter to a survey 

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2017-07-24 23:27

reporter   ~44209

Hello. The issue is still happening. Any fixes? We allocated 512MB to the site and still we're getting that memory error.



2017-07-25 22:01

reporter   ~44240

If I remove all participants from the CPDB and re-add them, the issue seems to go away. However the values for the column "Active Surveys" are lost. Maybe the query that's loading that column is too heavy for the site? It does take about 1 minute to load the 1500 records that show up when we select to display 2500 rows per page.



2017-07-28 18:47

reporter   ~44266

In the last comment, the issue seems to go away because all the records from the survey_links table are gone when you delete all the participants from the CPDB. Currently we have 144k+ records in said table.

Also checking the DB debug code, whenever you select how many records you want to display in the CPDB page, the following query is executed:

FROM survey_links cas
WHERE cas.participant_id = t.participant_id) AS countActiveSurveys,
t.participant_id, t.participant_id AS id
FROM participants t
LEFT JOIN participant_shares AS shares ON t.participant_id = shares.participant_id
AND (shares.share_uid = 1 OR shares.share_uid = -1)
ORDER BY t.lastname ASC LIMIT 100

The obvious outcome of the query is 100 records. I've been trying to find where in the code this query resides to get rid of the LIMIT 100 and display all the records. I think is in the /limesurvey/application/models/Participant.php file. but I haven't been able to find the code yet.

Is it possible to have this fixed?



2021-03-07 21:29

administrator   ~62828

Hello haubel,
This should already be fixed in recent versions.
Can you please check if this issue still exists in the latest version of LimeSurvey and let us know?
Thank you!



2021-08-31 08:40

administrator   ~66204

Hello haubel,

we have asked for feedback on this issue. Because we did not get an answer we assume that the issue is resolved.
However, should you be able to reproduce the issue using the latest version, please feel free to re-open the issue and give us exact details on how to reproduce it.

Thank you and best regards,


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