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12210Feature requests[All Projects] Theme editorpublic2017-03-20 18:22
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Summary12210: cache / asset manager control
DescriptionI miss a option to clear cache/rebuild via GUI. If you think about CMS, they often have some cache mechanisms too, but they all offer a button to clear cache (sometimes with and without rebuilding cache) and even a way to deactivate/activate the cache layer via GUI. Some CMS deactivate cache for editors of articles to ease preview all the time.

Currently all options seem to be linked to the debugmode. I don't see clearing, rebuilding or deactivating cache in a debug context alone.
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2017-03-20 18:22

developer   ~43296

Currenly : asset manager use Yii asset system , then the update time of the directory.

For template : the date is updated each time user click on save on template editor.

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