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Summary12191: Documentation often outdated: applies to old versions
DescriptionThe documentation pages refer to the newly introduced 2.05 version and give information on how to do things in version 1.87.

Would it be an idea to do a documentation cleanup and delete references to 2.5 and before? It would be a great help to newer users.
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2017-03-10 15:34

developer   ~43251

@tammo, which exact pages do you refer to?

Please create a list. Carsten and his team once started a challenging "adjust one page a day" contest. So better assign the ticket to them or leave it open for now.

And of course, you can always adjust things yourself. It is a wiki, everyone can and should adjust pages.


2017-03-10 15:38

developer   ~43252

Mazi: you are right about a wiki, but before screwing things up, I wanted to discuss if it is a good idea to:
1. delete references to versions older than 2.05
2. update images to newer versions.

And sorry: I did not realize that I assigned this to you. Or does that happen automatically?

Same question counts on the forum: I often see people ask support for very old (ancient) versions. What is the common way of working for that? I know the team does not support old versions, but what about you or other power users?


2017-03-10 16:00

developer   ~43253

Tammo, no idea why this got assigned to my automatically. My 2 cents:
@1: I agree
@2: I agree

As for the support questions: Even the common logged in user should be able to check older versions (history) of certain wiki help pages. If they can't solve their problems using the documentation why not telling them "If updating is no option please ask one of the LS partners, they can also help with older versions).


2018-05-01 10:46

developer   ~47560

Work in progress

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