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12167Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2017-03-07 19:06
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Summary12167: Token Import CSV with different modes (replace, append and partial replacement)
DescriptionCurrently mass modifications are done via CSV export and import.
That gets tricky when doing it via a activated survey.
The CSV import is only allowed when the token list is deleted.
It would be nice to allow importing CSV with a mode which overwrites existing tokens or appends tokens.

A maintenance mode is needed to ensure that nothing changes if you export and then import the tokenlist.
For a few fields like the "valid until"-date a partial replacement for selective columns would to the trick.
That way you don't need to stop the survey via deleting tokenlist or using a maintenance mode.

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2017-03-03 09:38

developer   ~43136

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+1 can be great

Maybe : after 'Duplicates are determined by:'
Add a button group/dropdown list : 'If a duplicate are found' : skip/runumber (except for token duplicate)/replace all/replace partial (exiting column)



2017-03-03 10:34

partner   ~43137

Is the mass editing plugin (haven't used it) an option to apply on token GUI? Exporting / Importing is the workaround for not being able to mass edit the tokenlist quite often. Appending tokens still a valid case for this feature request.


2017-03-03 10:38

developer   ~43138

I really think Mass editing is not a solution : a lot of times token are more than 1000 : then loading 1000 lines in browser is not the solution.

Exportt/import are really not a workaround for 'big database more easily updatable'

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