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12140Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2017-02-18 20:08
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Summary12140: Allow public registratons for multiple tokens with the same email
DescriptionIn some cases (in my case almost all my surveys) it is interesting to allow public registration of the same participant (email address), with different tokens.
This can be done importing manually the token table. But when your participants are unknown, it is not possible for public registration to use twice the same email address.
To hack PHP code is not a good think because:
a) I have not permissions in the server
b) even If I had, every time that platform upgrades, we need to change the code.
c) this configuration should be at survey level not at server level, because different surveys can have different needs.

It should be most easy to add a new field in survey configuration -Tokens Tab. You can choose several configurations there (token persistence, token lenght....)

You can also choose if you want allow multiple registration with the same email (and disable the unique email cheeking in registration) or not.

Moreover, you can also choose the number of uses left by default in the survey (this is another issueID 12139, but can be solved ADDING a new function in this page)

PS: in my case I need often BOT things, allow several registrations for the same Email and allow each of those registrations to have more than 1 use.
It is hard to image that you can have your desired table if you import the tokens but it is impossible to have it if you need to use public registration.
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