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12102Feature requestsSurvey takingpublic2017-09-22 11:09
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Fixed in Version2.x.x 
Summary12102: Allow loading desired template from URL params

Use case:

I am using LimeSurvey as data collector for mixed mode surveys. EG. Its the data collection engine for CATI as well as online filling. A typical scenario is when a respondent is contacted via telephone and interview is started and then respondent wishes to complete the interview on its own online.

Now - the problem is that CATI template has some specific custom UI elements - some extra buttons & info fields that are CATI specific and not needed for online direct filling. The easy fix is to allow loading a different template depending on the mode (CATI vs online).

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2017-02-01 10:41


Will do it myself and post a PR



2017-02-01 10:57

developer   ~42928

Personnaly : i really think it must be a plugin solution : add event to allow plugin update template, but not add such option in core.
It's my Point Of View, nothing official


2017-02-01 11:07


commit here


2017-02-01 11:12


Plugin event would be ok also but I'm not familiar with doing that myself right now. It's a matter of core deveopers to decide what way is more reasonable. Anyway I have done it via URL and it works for me. I will post it as a pull request and see how it goes :)



2017-02-03 12:32

developer   ~42948

@t6nnp6nn : did you make a quick try for a plugin ? I think we just have to update a little the beforeSurvey (and loading of template after) event : i take a try this afternoon.


2017-02-03 13:29


@DenisChenu: no. Tried but did not get the template to change via setting the 'template' in 'beforeSurveyPage' event.

a bit of discussion here on that.

Any help getting a template change working via plugin would be highly appreciated, Thanks!


2017-02-07 16:33


you can close this as far as I am concerned

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