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12095Feature requestsInstallationpublic2017-09-22 15:35
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Fixed in Version3.0 
Summary12095: Allow to set assetUrl (and assetPath) to another website

We force asset manager to but for speed issue : thei can be interesting to set it to another url : for example.

There are no solution currently to use Yii to set own assets url (and path)

Steps To Reproduce

'assetManager' => array(
'baseUrl' => "",
'basePath'=> "/var/www/static/assets",

For example

Additional Information

Have a specific host for static files is really the best situation : multi download, can optimize this webhost for static files (no cookies for example).

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2017-01-31 23:54

developer   ~42924

Fix committed to develop branch:

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LimeSurvey: develop 1878a118

2017-01-31 23:39:52


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New feature 12095 assetUrl and assetPath can be set in config.php
New feature 12011 : allow user to set runtimePath (Yii way)
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12011, 12095
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