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12082Bug reports[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2019-04-30 09:10
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version2.62.x 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.16.x 
Summary12082: SSL and map question type with leaflet

In Question type map with leaflet with use geoname API for "quick search". But this didn't work with SSL activated

Steps To Reproduce

Import included survey , look at your console and do a search.
Or test here :

Additional Information

Quicly fixed in 3.0 : : i remove the search box ;)

Then in send an email to geoname : here the answer:

The domain is only used for the free services. The premium services have customized domain names, depending on the plan and the selected options. Hard coding it will lead to troubles.
One of the domains for the premium services over ssl is:
This will work, but will not necessarily take custom setting into account (geographic location of the server etc)

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has duplicate 13873 closedDenisChenu When using the short free text with map, the search box doesn't show for users 




2017-01-25 16:00


Capture du 2017-01-25 15-53-41.png (223,472 bytes)


2017-01-25 16:10


limesurvey_survey_carto.lss (17,348 bytes)


2017-01-25 16:15

developer   ~42837

Quickest solution : adding a config for 'geoname api'. We can not use secure api : because we are unsure user get a secure account.

Alternative (but : really no time for this) use another API : some example :



2018-07-09 14:45

administrator   ~48478

We will postpone this, or give the possibility to define oneselves endpoints



2018-07-26 13:38

developer   ~48582

My point of view : Best solution : move the 2 maps question to new question template … then another dev can create a new question template using Nominatim/



2019-04-01 12:01

developer   ~51240

Fixed since secure can be used with free account now …
Still a good idea for usage of Nominatim or other system : Question theme issue in my opinion

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